Kai Cenat breaks Twitch viewership record...

Kai Cenat breaks Twitch viewership record...

Kai Cenat, Kevin Hart, and Druski made Twitch history on june 10, 2024 night, when they appeared together at Cenat's livestream. One of the most talked-about moments was NBA legend LeBron james appearing on a FaceTime call with Hart during the stream, which quickly went viral on social media. Cenat’s stream captivated thousands and thousands of audiences and set a new Twitch North American record for viewership.

According to Afrotech, the live stream featuring Cenat, Hart, and Druski reached 712,600 peak concurrent viewers, marking a more than 10% increase over the previous record. The stream also attracted 4.95 million unique viewers over 11.5 hours. The Jumanji star and comedian took to Instagram, writing, “The BIGGEST & BEST STREAM EVER…..@druski x @kaicenat x @kevinhart4real = comedy gold!!!!! No scripts and no plans….Just vibing and feeding off one another….Nothing but love for these to jacka–es. More coming….STAY TUNED.” Ninja’s Fortnite stream with Drake in 2018 held the North American title with a peak of 644,800 concurrent viewers.

Cenat is no stranger to making history on Twitch

In 2023, the Twitch icon hit 200,000 subscribers, making him the third streamer overall and the first Black Twitch streamer to reach this milestone. He also topped Twitch chart with over 285,000 peak viewers while streaming 162-hour long Elden Ring walkthrough. Cenat recently made a partnership with big-name brands like Nike for his Hunger Games-inspired show which will be live streamed on his channel exclusively. This partnership made him the first streamer to join the Nike family, per Complex. Earlier, Afrotech reported that Cenat announced his collaboration with the sportswear giant in february 2024: “I would like to announce that we are officially a part of the Nike family. This has been a long time waiting.”

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