Garudan: The Next Incident of the Liberation Hero

Garudan: The Next Incident of the Liberation Hero; Meratu Suri as action hero in Garudan 

The trailer of Garudan, directed by Durai senthilkumar and starring Suri and Sasikumar, has been released.

Suri, who has been active as a comedy actor in the tamil film industry, made his debut as a hero with the film Vimithyam directed by Vethimaran last year. Garudan is the film in which he committed himself to play the hero after the success of Vimthithi. The film is directed by Durai senthilkumar, who worked as an assistant director to vetrimaran and directed films like Anti-Neechal, Khakichattai.

Garudan has a huge star cast of Suri along with Sasikumar, Samuthirakani, malayalam actor unni mukundan and actress Roshini. The film is slated to hit the screens on May 31. The trailer release ceremony of the film was held in chennai today. The film crew participated in it. Apart from that, director Vethimaran, actors Sivakarthikeyan and vijay sethupathi were also present as special guests.

The trailer of the movie Garudan was released at the event. In that trailer, if we go the wrong way for what we desire, god or nature will make it right. This trailer starts with the background voice saying that it is Garudana hammering on our head and then each character is introduced.

Accordingly sasikumar has acted as Adi and unni mukundan as Karuna. Actor Suri Sokan is shown in the trailer as a rogue loyalist of Karuna. It is clear from the trailer that the story revolves around these three. Apart from that, actor Suri is also intimidating in action in the film. netizens are saying that he is likely to become an action hero after this film. The trailer of Garudan is currently trending on YouTube.

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