Vicky Kaushal and Sunny Kaushal to light up The Great Indian Kapil Show


The Great indian Kapil Show: Kapil enjoyed Sunny-Sharvari's alleged affair, brother vicky kaushal revealed this

In the fourth episode of 'The Great indian Kapil Show', Vicky and Sunny narrated many interesting stories related to their childhood. At the same time, kapil sharma was seen scolding Sunny. The fourth episode of 'The Great indian Kapil Show' has been released. This time vicky kaushal and his brother Sunny Kaushal were seen in the show. people laughed loudly at Kapil Sharma's jokes. In the show, kapil sharma was also seen pulling Sunny Kaushal's leg, due to which the audience went crazy.

This is how Vicky celebrates Valentine's Day

At the beginning of the show, kapil sharma asked vicky kaushal a question regarding Valentine. Kapil asked Vicky how they celebrated Valentine's Day before marriage and how they celebrate it after marriage. Vicky replied to Kapil and said that earlier also they used to think about spending a good time together and they do the same even now.

Kapil teased Sunny in the name of Sharvari

Kapil Sharma also asked Vicky's brother Sunny a question regarding Valentine, whether he thinks that Valentine's Day should be celebrated only on 14 'Sharvari', 14 February, or every day. people laughed out loud as soon as they heard Sharvari. Even vicky kaushal could not stop himself from laughing. There is a rumor about Sunny that he is in an affair with actress Sharvari. This is the reason why everyone laughed when Kapil said 'Sharvari' instead of February. In the name of his question, Kapil even pulled Sunny Kaushal's leg.

Both brothers told stories of childhood

In the show, both brothers narrated many interesting stories related to their childhood. At the same time, when Sharvari's name came in front of Sunny, vicky kaushal further told in the show that his brother is the perfect husband material. It is known that Vicky Kaushal's upcoming films include 'Chhaava', 'Bad News' and 'Love and War'.

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