Shahrukh Khan became emotional on KKR's defeat

Shahrukh Khan became emotional on KKR's defeat…

In the 31st match of IPL 2024, rajasthan Royals defeated kolkata Knight Riders. The big match that took place on tuesday was an emotional rollercoaster for bollywood king shahrukh khan and his fans. Seeing his team losing on the field, king Khan also looked disappointed and his eyes also looked moist. Its pictures are now going viral on social media.

Shahrukh Khan became emotional after the defeat of his team KKR

Let us tell you that during the match between rajasthan Royals and kolkata Knight Riders, shahrukh khan was seen standing in support of his warriors and playing the role of cheerleader. However, while the KKR cricketers were trying their best to win on the field, all eyes were drawn towards the stands, where Shahrukh was seen hooting and cheering for his team and dancing to the tunes of the iconic 'Don' movie soundtrack. .

Shahrukh Khan started the match with happiness, while seeing his team losing in the last match, he looked disappointed and tears were also seen in his eyes. The fans also became emotional after seeing the superstar emotional in the audience gallery. These pictures of the actor on social media are hurting the fans too.

Shahrukh Khan congratulated the winning team

However, showing true sportsmanship, shahrukh khan later reached the field to congratulate the winning team rajasthan Royals, and tried his best to cheer up his team players. With his trademark charm, he lightened up the mood with his jokes and lifted his team's spirits amid the gloom.

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