When Kapil Sharma cried the whole night after missing this call..?

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When kapil sharma cried the whole night after missing this call..?

Famous comedian kapil sharma is in the news these days with his new show. Kapil Sharma's new show 'The Great indian Kapil Show' has started recently, and is getting a lot of love from the audience. This show is being watched not only in india but in 192 countries of the world. The star cast and director of Chamkila participated in the latest episode of the show.

AR rahman had called Kapil for 'Chamkila'

Parineeti Chopra, Diljit Dosanjh, and imtiaz ali arrived as guests in the third episode of The Great indian Kapil Show. These three had come for the promotion of their film 'Chamkila'. AR rahman has given his music in this film. In the show, Kapil shared an anecdote related to AR Rahman, which was not telecast in the episode. But according to news 18, Kapil said that AR rahman had called him for 'Chamkila'.

Kapil cried all night after missing AR Rahman's call

According to the BTS video, kapil sharma said in the show that- Once I missed AR Rahman's call. I was abroad at that time. Kapil further told that- After that call, I met AR rahman ji and he told me that I had called you for Chamkila. Kapil said that I thought he wanted me to sing a song in Chamkila. I also felt that maybe he was talking sweetly to me. Kapil said that I told him that I was abroad so could not talk to you. But Kapil further told that he cried the whole night after missing the opportunity to work with AR Rahman. After Kapil said this, imtiaz ali also told him that AR rahman had talked about Kapil's singing. He said that AR rahman had said that if Diljit had not done this film then if there was any other option for this role it was you.

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