The speed of 'Madgaon Express' decreased on Tuesday


The speed of 'Madgaon Express' decreased on Tuesday…

The film Margao Express' made under the direction of kunal khemu is performing well in theatres. The film was released on march 22 and has been earning well every day since its release. However, the speed of 'Madgaon Express' has been seen decreasing at the box office on working days. It has been five days since the film was released and it has collected more than 11 crore notes.

According to the report of SACNILC, 'Margao Express' had opened its account at the box office with Rs 1.5 crore. The film's earnings increased on the second day and it did a business of Rs 2.75 crore. On the third day, 'Madgaon Express' earned 2.8 crores, while on the fourth day, the collection of the film was 2.6 crores. There was a decline in the film's earnings on the fifth day and it earned only Rs 1.50 crore.

The film spent more than half the budget

With its five-day collection at the domestic box office, 'Margao Express' has collected more than half of its budget. If media reports are to be believed, the budget of 'Madgaon Express' is Rs 20 crore. The film has so far done a total business of Rs 11.15 crore at the domestic box office.

'Madgaon Express' is the story of three friends

'Madgaon Express' is a comedy-drama, through which actor kunal khemu has entered the world of direction. Divyendu, avinash Tiwari, Nora Fatehi, and Prateek gandhi are in important roles in the film. Talking about the story of the film is the story of three friends. Dodo, Pinku, and Ayush are childhood friends and they go on a goa tour, but during this, they have to data-face a lot of challenges and the story takes a new turn.

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