Anupama will scold Vanraj, Aadhya will create drama


Anupama will scold Vanraj, Aadhya will create drama…

The rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna-starrer show is attracting the attention of the audience with its interesting story. The story of the recent serial has kept the audience glued to the tv screen. In the upcoming episodes, you will see how Aadhya once again hurts Anu by insulting her. Anuj, who usually understands Aadhya's situation, gets angry at his daughter for always playing the victim card this time.

Anupama will tell all the lies to Vanraj

In the upcoming episodes, you will see how Shah, Anuj, Shruti, and Aadhya reach the same place to celebrate Holi. Seeing Shah and Anu, Aadhya gets angry and asks her father why he has brought her there, despite knowing that she hates these people. Anuj asked Aadhya not to create any ruckus.

However, Aadhya does not listen. To add fuel to the fire, Pakhi also starts misbehaving with Aadhya, which leads to a big fight. Then Aadhya asks Anuj to leave. When Anuj is leaving holding Aadhya's hand, he accidentally pushes Anu. Anuj leaves Aadhya's hand to save Anu, however, it is Yashdeep who saves Anu. Seeing that Anuj left Anu's hand to save her, Aadhya becomes furious.

After this, when all three reach home, Aadhya starts complaining that like Anu, Anuj also left her hand. Anuj gets upset by this and asks her not to play the victim card. He tells Aadhya that she cannot use her past as a scapegoat to always be sad.

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