Did The Kashmir Files director Vivek target Ambani?


Everyone knows that recently the world's most expensive celebration was held in Jamnagar, India. This celebration was of the pre-wedding of mukesh Ambani's son Anant Ambani, in which performers, actors and business tycoons from all over the world had arrived, from Rihanna to Akon and from Rajnikanth to Amitabh. bill gates and mark zuckerberg were also seen enjoying the party as guests on this occasion.

There are reports that many performers were paid crores of rupees for small performances. Hundreds of crores were spent in this program which ran from 1 to 3 March. In such a situation, the director of 'The kashmir Files' has made a post on the social media platform X. In the post, he has targeted expensive weddings and said that getting married in india has now become like a competitive game. Regarding this tweet of his, users are speculating that he has done this tweet on the celebration of Ambani family. However, he did not take anyone's name in this post.

What is Vivek's post?

vivek Ranjan Agnihotri wrote, "Marriage in india has become like a competitive sport..." My show-off will be bigger than yours...defeat him." He also wrote, "The negative side is that Every time there is someone who pretends to be bigger than you. Same problem exists with money also. The same problem exists with money because someone else has more of it than you.

What kind of reaction are you getting on the post?

Many users are reacting to this post of vivek Agnihotri. One user wrote, "Has this not been happening for centuries?" While another user wrote, "You are the best example of sour grapes." If we had invited you to a wedding, you would have said that we earn money only for ourselves and what is the point of such money if we do not spend it for our happiness due to the fear of people. While one user wrote in a sarcastic tone, "Weren't you invited?" while another user wrote, "I agree with you. I also understand the pain you must have felt when You must have seen the three Khans dancing in that event to which you were not even invited.

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