Arshad Warsi, Maria register their marriage after 25 years


Arshad Warsi: arshad warsi registered his marriage after 25 years, and gave a special gift to his wife on Valentine's Day

25 years have passed since the marriage of famous bollywood actors arshad warsi and Maria Goretti. The couple tied the knot on february 14, 1999, which falls on Valentine's Day. Now on the occasion of their wedding anniversary, the couple is going to give each other a special gift. Let us know what special the actor is going to do for his wife.

Celebrity couple arshad warsi and Maria Maria Goretti will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary this Valentine's Day. Despite being married for so long, the couple never got their marriage registered. However, making it special this time, the actor and his wife registered their marriage in court on january 23.

Recently, in an interview, Arshad said that this thing never came to his mind and he never thought it was important. However, he realized its importance while dealing with estate matters and also after someone's demise. “We did it for the sake of law,” he said. I think as partners, if you love each other, that's all that matters."

In the same interview, the actor recalled his scariest memories related to Valentine's Day. “I hate sharing my wedding date with anyone because it feels so cheesy,” he laughs. Maria and I are both embarrassed by this! “However, this was never done intentionally.”

He further said, “Maria's parents wanted us to get married soon. We couldn't do it during Lent, and then I got busy with work. We didn't waste a year and the only date that seemed possible to us at that time was february 14, so we went ahead with it. The scariest Valentine's Day memory I have is now that I'm married."

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