Shah Rukh Khan has suffered the pain of 11 surgeries


Shah Rukh Khan is in the headlines these days for his upcoming film Dunki. The trailer and two songs of his film

have also been released. The trailer has excited the fans and now the audience is eagerly waiting for the release of

the film. The film will be released in theaters on december 21 this year. Before this, Shah rukh Khan has

conducted AskSRK session and talked to his fans. Shah rukh Khan’s bubbly, action-packed and fitness-filled look

can be seen in the trailer of Dunki. Seeing king Khan running fast in the race in the trailer, the question is

coming in the hearts of the fans that how is the actor so fit even at the age of 58. A fan finally asked this question

to king Khan in the AskSRK session, on which shahrukh khan revealed that he has undergone surgery several


king Khan is still fit after 11 surgeries!

In the AskSRK session, a fan posted a video of shahrukh khan running away from Dunki and wrote - We all

grew up do you feel when you see such edits? To this king Khan replied- Life is a race, I am

very happy that even after 11 surgeries, I can still run like that and my same T-shirt fits me perfectly!!

Young man’s look seen in Dunki!

Another fan described king Khan’s look in Dunki as that of a soldier. The fan asked- Why is the cameo of

Jawan’s vikram Rathod kept in it? On this shahrukh khan said- Because in this film also I am an army soldier.

Got it brother or should I clarify further. Also watch the stupid question part in the trailer of Dunki, please ha ha

love you.

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