New Launch: Green Apple Flavoured Brandy!!

Sindujaa D N
Tilaknagar industries Limited, a key player in the Indian-Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) industry, has introduced a fresh twist to its Mansion house Flandy range with the launch of a Green apple variant in Telangana. amit Dahanukar, the Chairman and Managing director of Tilaknagar industries, highlighted the innovative nature of their Mansion house Premium Flavoured Brandy, marking it as a pioneer in its category.
The decision to unveil the Green apple flavour stems from Flandy's success since its inception in FY23, data-aligning with the company's strategy to expand its premium Brandy offerings while consolidating its presence in regional markets. Telangana, being a significant IMFL market with a substantial Prestige & Above segment, serves as an ideal launchpad for this new variant.
Prior to this introduction, Tilaknagar industries had introduced the Mansion house Flandy range in Orange, Cherry, and Peach flavours. The Flandy range is distinguished by its incorporation of natural fruit essences, and the Green apple variant promises a delightful fusion of sweet apple notes and subtle oak undertones, promising a gratifying experience for consumers' palates. 

What sets the Green apple flavored brandy in the Mansion house Flandy range apart is its distinct infusion of natural green apple essence. This infusion brings a refreshing and tangy twist to the traditional brandy flavor profile, offering consumers a unique taste experience. Additionally, the brandy is complemented by nuanced oaky undertones, adding depth and complexity to its flavor profile. This combination of sweet green apple notes and subtle oak richness creates a truly palate-enriching and memorable drinking experience for consumers.

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