World Hearing Day : Everything you need to know...

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World Hearing Day : Everything you need to know...

Every year, the world observes World Hearing Day to promote ear and hearing health globally and to increase awareness of the prevention of deafness and hearing loss. It motivates people to take preventative measures for their hearing and to get medical attention for any problems linked to their hearing. In a manner that none of our other senses can, our sense of hearing enables us to communicate and foster human connections. Thanks to hearing, we are able to listen to everything around us, both good and bad. All around the world, there are people who are deaf. This day raises awareness of the effects of hearing loss on people's quality of life and promotes the availability of healthcare services for those who need them. Scroll down to learn more about dates and history. 

Date and theme of the 2024 World Hearing Day

Every year on march 3, World Hearing Day is honored; this year it falls on a Sunday. What the World health Organization (WHO) has declared as the topic for 2024 is "Changing mindsets: Let's make ear and hearing care a reality for all." According to WHO, the goal of World Hearing Day 2024 is to dispel stigmatizing beliefs and misconceptions in society by educating the public and healthcare professionals about the issue.

World Hearing Day's history

The WHO first acknowledged World Hearing Day in 2007. The day was formerly observed as international Ear Care Day. The name was renamed to World Hearing Day by WHO in 2016. The WHO selects a theme and develops teaching materials around it every year. There are multiple languages accessible for these resources. It also plans events and provides news from around the globe.

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