What should you do in the event that fraud still affects you?

S Venkateshwari
What should you do in the event that fraud still affects you?

These days, voice recognition software can be used to steal someone's identity. The violent criminals then phone a victim's relative and demand money while speaking in the same tone. In India, voice cloning is the largest fraud: 83% are unable to identify a phony voicemail; what should you do if you receive one?

What should you do if, despite your best efforts, you fall victim to fraud? Get in touch with your bank first to retrieve the money that was taken illegally from your account. Call the customer service line and let them know if the bank branch is far away. Notify the police as well. To report fraud, get in touch with the local police department. Reports to cyber security authorities are another option. like the National Information Security Administration (NIST) or the National Cyber Security Agency (NSA).Voice cloning is a potent technique that can be used both maliciously and beneficially. such as those that can be utilized to voice fictitious characters in video games, tv series, and films. To better serve their clients, large corporations develop the voice of customer service. In schools and colleges, voice cloning can also be utilized to acquire new languages.

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