NIA reveals Darbhanga blast key details!

Kailas Ashwin Sathish
In connection with the Darbhanga railway station bombing in bihar in June, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) interrogated Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Abdul Karim Tunda, who was captured in 2013 and is presently imprisoned. The Agency has discovered a link between him and the bomb's creator.
The NIA inquiry centred around the Darbhanga bombing. For the suspects in the Darbhanga bomb plot, money in the form of hawala. Malik brothers in Mallepally, Hyderabad, received hawala money from Haji Salim. Nasir Malik, who lost a lot of money in the garment industry. Many people recommend contacting UP Khirana's Iqbal Khana. Nasir Malik met Iqbal Khana in pakistan 10 years ago.
Nasir Malik then went on to study how to create chemical weapons. Prepare for train and bus explosions in Haji Salim's hometown of Kairana. Nasir Malik was given money in the form of a hawala in exchange for this.
With that money, Nasir Malik prepared the chemical attack. The explosions are being planned by Iqbal Kana, a Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist. Blastings are reserved for those who are in financial distress.
Mohammed Nasir Khan alias Nasir Malik reportedly led his family to believe he was on the payroll of a woman officer working for the country's foreign intelligence agency, the research and analysis wing (RAW).

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