Kalki 2898 AD Box Office - 200 Crores Possible on Day One?

As june 27, 2024, the premiere date of the science fiction epic kalki 2898 AD draws near, excitement is growing for it. This much-anticipated movie, which stars prabhas and is directed by Nag Ashwin, seems to be a big show. It's difficult to predict kalki 2898 AD's first-day revenues because of the buzz being strong in telugu states, excellent in the US, and weak in hindi and other languages.
On its first day, Prabhas's recent movie, Salaar, took in about 160 crores worldwide, of which he received 90 crores. It did well across the board: it was excellent in the telugu states, outstanding in the kannada states, remarkable in the US, and passable in the hindi markets. With a global gross of almost 550 crores by the conclusion of its existence.

Adipurush, which opened with a 60-crore share on its first day and a global total of 125 crores, had a great start before Salaar as well. On its first day, it performed very well in hindi markets. Bad word of mouth caused Adipurush's lifetime business to end at a gross of 360 crores.

In light of kalki 2898 AD's enormous star cast, massive budget, and other considerations, it should have ideally aimed for a first-day global revenue of 200 crores. It will be difficult for kalki 2898 AD to cross the 200-crore milestone, nevertheless, because of conflicting opinions on the advertising materials.
In a realistic environment, kalki 2898 AD would aim for a first-day global gross of between 135 and 150 crores. This is a forecast made seven days before the movie's debut, although things might change in the days that follow. If it could surpass the 150-crore threshold on its first day, that would be fantastic. However, a lot will rely on the second trailer and the course of the reservations over the following several days, particularly in the hindi belts. For prabhas, this is another guaranteed 100-crore opening. He currently has kalki 2898 AD, Adipurush, Salaar, Baahubali 2, and saaho on this list. He would have had a double hattrick of 100-crore openers if it weren't for Radhe Shyam.

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