Chandrababu's Wrong Cabinet: TG Bharat in wrong Department..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Chandrababu's Wrong Cabinet: TG Bharat in wrong Department..!?
* Chandrababu who got burnt in a mistake.
* Appointment of leaders in departments other than those in which they have experience.
* The post of finance minister was given to payyavula Keshav.
It is known that the state cabinet was formed under the leadership of ap cm Chandrababu Naidu. This time 25 people from the BJP, Jana Sena, and tdp got a place in the ap cabinet. TG Bharat is one of them. He was entrusted with the industries Department. TG Bharat became the first mla from kurnool in the 2024 ap assembly elections. He got a majority of 18,876 votes against Imtiaz Ahmed. Bharat did his MBA from Cardiff university in the UK. This course covers topics like Finance, Financial Accounting, and Marketing. Bharat has a good grasp of finance as he has studied MBA from a famous university in the UK. We think it would have been better if he had been made a minister for that department. They would have introduced the state budget perfectly with good financial plans. As the minister of industries, he will now have to develop new awareness. If he had been given a higher ministerial position, he would have worked with double enthusiasm as he would have already had experience in the field.
Anam Ramanaraya reddy worked as Finance minister for 9 years. He also introduced the state budget in the assembly. But instead of using his experience, the finance ministry was given to others. Instead of Bharat, a young and dynamic politician, the post of finance minister was given to payyavula keshav instead of the experienced Ramanaraya Reddy. It can be said that this is also one of the few wrong cabinets assigned by Chandrababu. It seems that Chandrababu thinks to whom to give ministerial positions, but does not think about what suits him best. It seems surprising that Chandrababu, who has so much experience, is taking steps in the matter of important ministerial posts in the state.

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