Pushpa 2 Delay is really a Blessing for Allu Arjun - Here's Why

The release date of Pushpa: The Rule, the much awaited sequel starring allu arjun, Fahadh Faasil, and rashmika mandanna, has been pushed back to december 6, 2024. Thursday, december 5, 2024, is the US premiere date for pushpa 2: The Rule, which makes it a great release date for international markets. 

A week following its premiere, no significant hollywood releases are planned, ensuring that the movie will be widely available for viewing on IMAX and PLF screens throughout the globe for at least a week. The producers gave the december 20 date some thought, but ultimately chose to forego the holiday preparations in favour of a widespread international release.

This choice was taken in order to avoid competing with three big-budget hollywood productions that would have dominated theatres at that time. They were able to save an estimated $5–6 million in lost revenue in the US market by selecting december 6. "Mufasa" and "Sitaare Zameen Par" will be the sole rivals of "Pushpa 2," since Akshay Kumar's "Welcome To The Jungle" has already been delayed from its christmas 2024 release.
There are also rumours that aamir khan may flee the conflict, just as he did with "KGF 2" and "Laal Singh Chaddha," which were originally scheduled for release on the same day. Should the public react well to "Pushpa 2," it might surpass the 800 crore global gross mark by the time "Mufasa" opens on december 20. When it was released on december 1 of last year, "Animal" not only made waves in india but also at the US box office.

Allu Arjun could benefit in a manner from the postponing of the initial august 15th date to december 6th. The election scandal is currently hurting him, which has resulted in a lot of hostility and a lack of support from Mega admirers. allu arjun will have more time to address these concerns as a result of this delay. He might be able to reconcile with pawan kalyan and win back the Mega family's support in this way.


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