Challenge for Deputy Cheif Minister Pawan

S Venkateshwari
Is this the first challenge for deputy chief minister Pawan... How will he data-face it?

- The17th Finance Commission did not release funds to Panchayats

- Will the center get funds for panchayat and rural development..!

(Godavari - Herald of India)

Chandrababu handed over the portfolios of Pancha Yatiraj and Rural Development to janasena leader Pawan Kalyan, who has assumed the duties of deputy chief minister of the state. On the 19th of this month, pawan kalyan announced that he was also taking over the responsibility. However.. panchayat Raj.. Rural development departments are not so easy. Must be continuously available. It should also solve the problems that keep coming up. The main problems encountered were studied.

Pawan kalyan said that ``these are the departments that are close to the name'', but when it came to hands, the problems of panchayat raj piled up. So far the 17th Finance Commission funds have not been given to the Panchayats. Panchayats have not been cared for in the last five years. Moreover, according to the central government's directives, there are also directives to collect the electricity bills of the panchayats immediately. If these are withdrawn, the funds given by the center to the panchayats will be cut. If the panchayats try to collect money, they will have to fall into trouble like the ycp government. So.. no matter how you look at it.. putting the panchayat system in a groove is not an easy task.On the other hand.. in all the village panchayats too.. there are almost pro-YCP groups. There are sympathizers of that party. This is the reason why YCP's vote bank has decreased in urban areas, but it remains stable in rural areas.

It is doubtful how much funds the state government will release to the panchayats in this order. It is not surprising that Pawan data-faced difficulties in achieving this. Also, there are criticisms that the state has used the funds given by the center in the matter of rural development. These funds have been diverted due to the welfare schemes being implemented and other reasons. However.. even now there is a similar situation. Observers feel that Pawan's handling of these issues and moving forward is as much a battle as a battle with challenges.

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