AP: Ganta's enthusiasm.. is it bothering him..?

S Venkateshwari
AP: Ganta's enthusiasm.. is it bothering him..? 

Rushikonda Palace has become a controversy for the last two days in Andhra Pradesh. mla Ganta Srinivas' comments on former cm Jaganmohan reddy on this matter have become more viral. In particular, before the government comes to any decision about who opened the locks of Rushikonda Palace, what is the reason for this enthusiasm and why is there any need for Ganta srinivas to make such a rush to follow the media? But the news is that there is a big story behind this matter.
Ganta srinivas, who has not responded even once on the construction of Rushikonda Palace in the last five years, has not questioned any of the YCP's actions during the five years in the opposition. When chandrababu naidu came to visit Rushikonda, Ganta did not go with him, but now many leaders have started to have doubts about why they are rushing. In particular, janasena corporator Peethala Murthy Yadav also filed in the court that colleges were destroyed and palaces were built as part of Rushikonda's visit.
TDP mla Velagapudi ramakrishna Babu is also involved in this. Former mp and current mla Raghuramakrishnan Raju has made an entry in this on the instructions of the supreme Court. But Ganta has never responded to this matter... But even though Chandrababu wanted to reveal the affairs of this palace along with Pawan Kalyan. It seems that he himself is suffering due to the zeal of the media, which has done so much.

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