Chandrababu's action movie has started... will you see...!

S Venkateshwari
Chandrababu's action movie has started... will you see...!

- On Monday the poll starts whether he becomes cm or not

- That's when the amaravati Urukulu run

- Special focus on central funds

(Amravati - Herald of India)

TDP leader and AP's new chief minister Chandrababu started within a week of his swearing-in as CM. After the postings, formation of the cabinet, andreviews with the officials, he is now fully focused on the work. In fact, he signed five files immediately after taking charge as the chief minister and started the work. However, it is noteworthy that it works indoors.

With this, Chandrababu started the outdoor work in just a week. monday Monday... He decided to go to the polavaram project. As if it is time to think like that.. after taking oath as chief minister.. he started working on the first Monday. He will visit polavaram at the latest. From here, Chandrababu will once again show the taste of his brand rule to the people. After polavaram, the construction of amaravati Rajdani is among the priorities. Chandrababu has given some suggestions for this too. However, the authorities said that he will focus fully on amaravati from Tuesday. Chandrababu is focusing on the talks with the farmers, the progress of the structures built in the last five years, andhow to protect them. Chandrababu has already brought reports with experts on many issues related to Amaravati.

At the same time, Chandrababu will discuss the completion of Bhogapuram airport in the coming week. Chandrababu aims to complete these works within the next two years in the background of TDP's young leader Kinjarapu Rammohan Naidu as the Union Aviation Minister. Also, the kadapa steel factory is trying to be fully investigated in the next week. Overall, these are examples of not just starting work, but running.

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