Hyderabad man attacked with knives in Public, Dies - VIDEO

On Thursday, june 13, a guy in his 27th year of life lost his life following an attack by a mob near a busy main road in Asifnagar, Hyderabad. On Friday, the guy who was taken to the hospital by ambulance passed away from his wounds.
A bunch of guys with knives and other weapons were pursuing the man. He sustained several stab wounds to his neck, stomach, and chest. It is believed that the murder was planned as payback. The attack was carried out in broad daylight, and some witnesses even recorded the event on their cellphones.

After the assault, the guy made it to his brother's store, where he fell on the ground covered in blood. Mohammed Qutubuddin, a furniture polisher from Gangabowli, Hyderabad, was identified as the suspect in the 2023 murder. He was taken into custody in connection with the investigation. Recently, he was released on bond.
Authorities believe that the victim's relatives may have planned the murder in order to exact revenge on them in 2023. Based on the accusation of Qutbuddin's brother, a case was filed, and the accused are Syed Imran, Taher, and Aman, who are the relatives of the guy that Qutbuddin is said to have slain.

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