New #Melodi selfie as PM Modi at G7 Summit

At the G7 Summit, prime minister Narendra Modi and her Italian colleague Giorgia Meloni took a fresh selfie in response to the widely shared #Melodi trend that went popular in december of last year. The two leaders smiled broadly and looked content as they took a picture. Following the selfie at the COP28 Summit in 2023 that Meloni posted on her official X handle with the hashtag Melodi, this was their second selfie together.

The two prime ministers' friendship was captured on video. Upon meeting PM Modi, Meloni and the other leader exchanged namaste salutations. After a short talk, both leaders grinned and exchanged pleasantries. With india having attended the previous 10 summits, this was PM Modi's fifth straight year attending the G7 meeting. The grouping of the seven largest economies—the US, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and Italy—as well as the european union was hosted by Italy, which held the G7 chair position.

In their bilateral meeting on Friday, PM Modi and Meloni talked about their countries' joint military and security efforts. "The two sides hoped to further enhance the defence industrial collaboration and discussed bilateral cooperation in security and defence." In an official statement, the Ministry of External Affairs said, "They welcomed the upcoming visit of the training ship ITS Vespucci and the Italian aircraft carrier ITS Cavour to india later this year."

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