Nitish Kumar brought shame when he touched PM Modi's feet

Speaking at a public gathering in bhagalpur on Friday, political strategist turned activist prashant kishor claimed that bihar chief minister nitish kumar brought disgrace to the state when he touched prime minister Modi's feet. Kishor added that Kumar took this action to guarantee his own hold on power.
Kishor made a reference to nitish kumar bending down to touch prime minister Narendra Modi's feet during the nda Parliamentary party meeting before the PM took the oath of office. "Many question why, after working with nitish kumar in the past, I am suddenly opposing him. Back then, he was a different man. After overseeing the JD (U) president's election campaign in 2015 and formally joining the party two years later, Kishor stated, "His conscience had not been put up for sale."
"The glory of a state lies in its leader. However, when he touched Modi's feet, nitish kumar brought dishonour to bihar, the man said, alluding to last week's nda conference in Delhi. In the lok sabha elections, Kumar's JD (U) secured 12 seats, making it the BJP's second-largest ally. However, the bjp was unable to secure a majority on its own.
"Nitish Kumar's crucial contribution to Modi's comeback to power is a topic of intense discussion. However, what is the chief minister of bihar doing with his position? He's not utilising his influence to guarantee the state's gains. With the backing of the bjp, he is making moves to guarantee his hold on power much beyond the 2025 assembly elections, according to Kishor.
Notably, Kishor initially gained notoriety in 2014 when he oversaw Modi's remarkably successful lok sabha election campaign.

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