Kalki 2898 AD Hindi Gets Better Response than Telugu?

The hindi trailer for kalki 2898 AD is out, and judging by the response of the hindi public, it appears to be nothing short of a cinematic masterpiece. Prabhas, deepika Padukone, kamal haasan, Disha Patani, and amitabh bachchan co-star in this epic sci-fi action mythology. The telugu audience's reaction to the trailer is a little divided, but it's excellent for the hindi version. 

The hindi public doesn't hold nag ashwin in the same regard as SS rajamouli or Prashanth Neel, therefore expectations for the movie weren't very high. However, after watching the trailer, they are eagerly anticipating the movie. Prominent hindi YouTubers have given the trailer high marks, expressing their admiration for its vision, graphics, and fully immersive kalki 2898 AD universe. The roles portrayed by amitabh bachchan and kamal haasan have also received a great deal of praise. 

The reaction to Prabhas' appearance, Disha Patani's character, and several VFX components has been largely good, notwithstanding some divergent views. There are worries, meanwhile, that the movie's wide audience may not find resonance with its difficult subject matter. After seeing the teaser for kalki 2898 AD, well-known senior moviegoer Vijay Ji, who is well-known for purchasing 100 tickets for salman khan and Shah Rukh Khan flicks, declared that he would be buying 150 seats. The trailer for kalki 2898 AD has received a better reception from the hindi public than it has from the telugu one. It remains to be seen if this encouraging reception will result in significant box office receipts.

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