HMWS&SB officials told to resolve monsoon-related complaints immediately

Officials of the hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWS&SB) have been asked to handle complaints about sewage overflow and tainted drinking water within half an hour of receiving them at 155313.
Sudarshan reddy, managing director of HMWS&SB, met with authorities at "Jala Soudha" to discuss the procedures that must be done during the monsoon season to avoid unfortunate situations caused by rain, water-logging, and the opening of manholes, among other difficulties.
Reddy directed authorities to deploy one person to each of the 120 water-logging hotspots for frequent inspection, and sewage supervisors to inspect deep manholes. HMWS&SB has already erected safety grills on deep manholes in the majority of ghmc locations, and will do so in the periphery areas as well. The board has agreed to paint manholes along the roadside red and to place flags and safety boards near deep manholes.
Officials have also been instructed to prevent drinking water pollution in locations where drinking water pipes are located near the nala crossing.

A central safety protocol team of six members, led by the chief vigilance officer as chief safety protocol officer, an emergency response team, a safety protocol team, and a patrolling team will be deployed to effectively manage the drinking water and sanitation situation during the monsoon season.
Officials have been requested to create a monsoon management strategy as well as a daily situation report to keep track of the activities. ghmc and police officers will operate in conjunction.

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