Hyderabad - GHMC suspends Big Basket warehouse license over food safety violations

The hyderabad municipal corporation-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">greater hyderabad municipal corporation (GHMC) Food Safety team examined the Big Basket warehouse in Masjid Banda, Kondapur, and discovered food safety breaches that presented a health risk to customers. During the examination, expired foods such as chicken masala, chicken sausages, pizza cheese, paneer, ice cream, and almond fudge were found. The expiration dates were between october 2023 and april 2024.

The researchers also discovered edible oil leaks, which was contaminating other food items on lower racks. Infractions were also identified, including milk bottles (10), thick shake bottles (5), and sting tin bottles (50), which were not stored according to the manufacturer's specifications.  In reaction to these infractions, the ghmc issued a notice suspending the Big Basket warehouse's license until further notice.

Following a hygiene check at Rameshwaram Cafe in madhapur on May 23, telangana Food Safety Department inspectors identified various food safety breaches, including the restaurant's use of unlabeled and expired food. Meanwhile, the prominent eatery stated that the expired foods were not supposed to be consumed but rather dumped.
“Task force team has conducted inspections in the madhapur area on 23.05.2024. The Rameshwaram Cafe urad dal (100 Kg) stock found expired in Mar’24 worth Rs 16K. Nandini Curd (10kg) and milk (8L) worth Rs 700 were found expired. Above items discarded on the spot,” Commissioner, Food Safety, telangana said in a post on ‘X’ on thursday night.


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