Telangana Hyderabad - No Rainfall and Temperatures May Rise

Hyderabad is expected to see an increase in temperatures as the india Meteorological Department (IMD) hyderabad forecasts a break in rainfall in the city. The weather agency predicts a partly overcast sky over hyderabad for the next four days.

No rainfall in hyderabad till May 23, forecasts IMD Hyderabad

Though hyderabad is expected to have partly overcast skies, rain may not fall till May 23. However, other telangana districts are expected to get rainfall. According to the IMD hyderabad, thunderstorms, lightning, and squalls are expected in numerous telangana districts from May 22 to 24, prompting a yellow alert.

Temperature may rise

According to T. Balaji, a weather enthusiast known for his precise weather forecasts, a summer heatwave will begin in telangana, with temperatures potentially reaching 45 degrees again. However, this will be the final stage of summer. In the instance of hyderabad, he predicted that temperatures would reach 41-42 degrees Celsius. It is also expected that beginning in the first week of june, the heat will gradually subside with frequent showers.

Earlier, IMD predicted that the monsoon would strike telangana regions, including hyderabad, after june 6. It also projected that the monsoon will reach the South andaman Sea on May 19. The monsoon season in kerala will most likely begin on May 31.


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