When CBN said Jagan is 100% CM again...!?!

The election commission informed that in the recently held polling in the andhra pradesh state, the voting percentage was almost 81.86 percent, but in this, 80.59 percent was through EVMs and 1.10 percent was from the postal ballot. Polling was also held for 175 assembly constituencies and 25 lok sabha constituencies in Andhra Pradesh. Clashes between tdp and ycp leaders are also taking place in many parts of Rayalaseema, ntr district, Guntur, prakasam and other parts. Various violent incidents have also taken place in this.

Especially to exercise the right to vote, tdp leader chandrababu naidu cm Jaganmohan reddy and Jana Sena party leader pawan kalyan also stood in the queue and voted.. But after voting the leaders spoke in front of the media.. But recently a video about chandrababu naidu is becoming viral on social media. We can hear the reporter asking if chandrababu naidu will come to power again.

But this all seems to be a video published by ANI. This video seems to have been published when polling started. But again when jagan was talking to the i-pac organization, this video became viral once again. However, since this video became viral on various websites on social media, many ycp leaders and activists are also trolling Chandrababu very badly. Many tdp leaders are activists but they are denying this video that chandrababu naidu did not announce that there is no situation for the alliance to win. It seems that some people created this video as if jagan was CM.

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