Malaysian Navy Choppers Crash: 10 people died..?

Sowmiya Sriram
Malaysian Navy Choppers Crash: 10 people died..?
A shocking incident took place during the navy rehearsal ceremony in Malaysia. Two helicopters collided with each other in the air. This caused a huge fire in the air. It seems that up to ten people have died in these incidents. The video related to this has now gone viral on social media.
An unexpected incident happened during the rehearsals for the Royal Malaysian Navy ceremony. Two helicopters collided heavily with each other. The accident seems to have taken place near the Malaysian town of Lumut, which has a naval base. It seems that this incident happened due to two helicopters crashing into each other. The Perak fire and Rescue Department confirmed to the Malaysian Free press that 10 people died in the accident in Lumut, Perak.

 "The collision took place at the Lumut Royal Malaysian Navy Stadium in Manjung, Perak. The department was alerted to an emergency call at 9.50 am regarding a helicopter incident. The agency said the two helicopters collided head-to-head causing a huge fire in the area and smoke billowing in the sky. police They said that the efforts to put out the fire have been taken and the work of recovering the bodies of the dead from the helicopters is going on.
The Royal Malaysian Navy also issued a statement saying that two helicopters, identified as HOM (M503-3) and Fennec (M502-6) models, collided and crashed at 9:32 am (local time). They said the helicopters were rehearsing for the Navy's 90th anniversary program to be held between May 3-5. They said seven people were on board the HOM (M503-3) helicopter, while the remaining three were in the Fennec (M502-6). "Malaysia airlines confirmed that all the victims died at the scene. Malaysian Navy officials announced that they are setting up an investigation panel to investigate the incident.

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