Higher salary threshold for UK Family Visa comes into force

Beginning on Thursday, the minimum income needed for british citizens and residents—including those of indian descent—wishing to sponsor their relatives for a Family Visa jumped by more than 55% as the government's gradual hike in wage limits, announced last year, came into effect.
Starting on Thursday, a person's minimum yearly wage to be sponsored for a Family Visa to enter the UK will be GBP 29,000 instead of GBP 18,600. This will have grown twice more by the beginning of next year to bring it up to the GBP 38,700 wage criteria for a skilled worker visa.
According to the UK home Office, it is the last step in the package of measures intended to decrease legal migration and "ensure those arriving here do not burden the taxpayer," which was put out by prime minister Rishi Sunak and home Secretary james Cleverly.
"Mass migration has reached a tipping point for us. Cleverly stated, "There isn't a straightforward answer or conclusion that reduces numbers to levels that the british people can tolerate.
"We have delivered on our pledge of action with incredible speed. We've taken action to reduce unsustainable numbers, safeguard british workers and their income, make sure families entering the country do not burden taxpayers, and create an immigration system that the public can rightfully have faith in," the speaker stated.
The minister went on, "Determined action, backed by strong resolve, will deliver needed change. Whether it was words unsupported by action, unfounded optimism, or just plain wishful thinking that migration would fall on its own, indifference of any kind is never going to work."
When the plan was initially presented in the house of Commons in december 2023, the opposition opposed it. As a result, the government decided against raising the wage threshold to GBP 38,700 all at once and instead to raise it more gradually.
"I believe that the underlying idea here is sound: individuals must be able to sustain any dependents they bring into the nation as members of their family. At that time, Sunak declared, "We're raising the salary threshold significantly, and we're proceeding exactly as we said we were going to — we're just doing it in two stages."
Families may plan with consistency thanks to the home Office's phased approach to raising the income criteria for the Family Visa, which also guarantees financial support for those who travel to the UK to be with their loved ones.
The government implemented several measures, such as prohibiting almost all students from bringing dependents into the country, limiting family members that carers could bring, raising the minimum wage for individuals entering the country on a skilled worker visa from GBP 26,200 to GBP 38,700, and replacing the Shortage Occupation List with a new Immigration Salary List to prevent employers from paying foreign workers less than UK workers in shortage occupations.

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