Ongole - YSRCP Lashes Officials for not working 'Transparently'

Balineni Srinivasa reddy, the YSRCP candidate for Ongole MLA, and chevireddy Bhaskara reddy, the mp candidate, said that the district's authorities are not operating transparently or unbiasedly. Bhaskara reddy rebuked the tdp leaders during a news conference held here on Friday, alleging that they were adopting "cheap politics" to get attention. Bhaskara reddy mentioned the recent altercation between tdp and YSRCP laborers in Ongole town and noted that it is customary for candidates' relatives to run for office in favor of their kin.

Kavyasri, the daughter-in-law of balineni srinivasa reddy, also conducted a door-to-door campaign and was warmly received by the populace. The tdp workers mistreated Kavya and the ladies accompanying her, obstructing her campaign as they struggled to process her response. He said that the tdp employees were the ones who started the altercation by verbally and physically attacking them. Rather than offering their workers an apology to the victims, he said that the tdp leaders had instead filed a fictitious complaint with the election Commission. According to him, the people are not blind; they are aware of what is occurring and will provide a pertinent lesson in a month.

Balineni Srinivasa reddy stated that he would have extended heartfelt apologies, acknowledged that his people were at fault, and taken steps to ensure that such an occurrence would not occur again if he had been the tdp candidate damacharla janardhana Rao. However, he claimed that Janardhana Rao was attempting to use the family's ladies for political gain. 

According to him, the district's authorities are responding to the TDP's complaint, but the actual victims have not responded. He said that to avoid any repercussions from the election commission should they address the YSRCP's objections, the district election officer and the SP are being opaque and biased against the TDP. kids don't have to write in red or black books, he continued; kids have enough intelligence to recall things.

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