Telangana Hyderabad - 4,000-year-old Megalithic burial site found

In the Medchal-Malkajgiri district's Adraspalle village of Thiruchintalapalli Mandal, archaeology enthusiasts have discovered a megalithic burial site. The tombs are cist burials with exposed orthostats (stone slab chambers) at the center of the circle of stones, according to S Haragopal, the convener of Kotha telangana Charithra Brundam, who discovered the site.

According to what he told india Herald, Menhirs, which are 12 to 14 feet tall, were also discovered at the Megalithic site, indicating that this was a mass burial place that may have been at least 4,000 years old. Haragopal quoted EH Hunt, a european scholar, as saying that throughout the ancient hyderabad State, there were once at least 10 lakh Megalithic tombs. Hunt's book was published in 1925.

As a result of urbanization, deforestation, and farming practices, discovering a megalithic burial is currently uncommon. The fact that these graves were constructed by ancient individuals from many civilizations who had traveled here from other places demonstrates the region's variety and historical discourse, noted Haragopal.
To preserve history and culture, Haragopal has now asked heritage telangana to investigate, survey, and conduct excavations at the megalithic burial site. A Karunakar, Md Naseeruddin, and K Gopal were archaeology enthusiasts who participated in the excavation of this megalithic burial site.

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