BJP Targets Kadapa - CBN Should Be Firm

The tdp and bjp are now in negotiations to swap the jammalamadugu MLA seat for the kadapa mp seat. For almost three years, Bhupesh reddy served as the jammalamadugu tdp Incharge. Nevertheless, Adinarayana reddy, Bhupesh's uncle, was elected by the BJP. As the mp for kadapa, Chandrababu sent Bhupesh Reddy. However, there is an abrupt alteration in the plan. It is confirmed that YS sharmila would run for kadapa Parliament. Her family, together with YS Sunitha, will be her campaigners.

The opposition has a good chance of winning this seat if she can chip away at the ysr Congress's support base. Adinarayana reddy is intrigued now. In any case, Parliamentary seats are more desirable than assembly seats for the BJP. Because he has firsthand experience working in the area and because it is simpler for newcomers to campaign in an assembly segment than a Parliamentary one, Bhupesh reddy is also pleased to be taking Jammalamadugu. 

TDP has advantages and disadvantages in this. assembly seats are of utmost importance to Chandrababu. Furthermore, Sharmila's influence at this particular moment is only conjectural. The offer appears to be good.

However, Muslims in the kadapa assembly seats can become disruptive if the bjp is awarded the kadapa Parliament ticket. Therefore, it would be best if Chandrababu forbade this. His pursuit of the jammalamadugu seat might have a detrimental effect on every kadapa assembly segment. It is always preferable to have a winning chance in the kadapa Parliament than to cede it to the BJP. Since kadapa is Jagan's native, it is a significant section.

Furthermore, the bjp candidate in the kadapa Parliament could not give sharmila an edge, which would benefit avinash Reddy. It is unclear if the BJP's request for the kadapa Parliament is an attempt to support the ysr Congress. There will shortly be a definitive announcement following the ongoing discussions.

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