Why Shah Rukh ? You Casually SHAMED Ram Charan...

Anant Ambani and radhika Merchant's pre-wedding celebrations in Jamnagar, Gujarat, have generated a lot of interest and attention from a wide range of sources. The chart-topping song "Naatu Naatu" from rrr was performed by Salman, Shah Rukh, and Aamir on the first day of the festivities, electrifying the stage. ram charan, who was in attendance, was asked to join the ensemble by SRK, which added to the show. But an amusing comment king Khan made about calling ram "idli" provoked a backlash from internet users.

Social media users reacted to the situation in different ways, with some criticizing Shah Rukh Khan for his perceived racial insensitivity. Zeba Hassan, Upasana's makeup artist, expressed her disgust on instagram and emphadata-sized the contempt that these comments have caused for ram Charan. She claimed that after witnessing such disregard for ram charan, she left the gathering. Even in situations that seem lighthearted, bollywood tends to normalize and degrade South indian stars, as social media users have brought to light.

Even while it was acknowledged that Shah Rukh Khan may have meant his comment to be humorous, many believed it went too far and caused unease. For over ten years, Shah Rukh Khan and ram charan have maintained a close connection. Though well-intentioned, Shah Rukh's latest on-stage moves fell short. Shah Rukh must understand that making inadvertent allusions to South indian culture—such as calling anything "idli"—can inadvertently reinforce negative preconceptions and lead to humiliation and discomfort.

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