'Won't let people get away...' - France deports Muslim cleric over remark on flag

The French Interior minister, Gerald Darmanin, stated on thursday that Imam Mahjoub Mahjoubi, a Muslim cleric from Tunisia, had been removed from france for making "unacceptable" remarks about the French flag.
Less than 12 hours after his detention, Interior minister Darmanin announced on social media site X that extremist Imam Mahjoub Mahjoubi had been removed from the country. Nobody will be allowed to get away with anything from us." Mahjoubi called the French tricolour flag "satanic" in a social media post, which prompted this, according to news agency Reuters.

The Muslim preacher, who was employed by the Ettaouba mosque in Bagnols-sur-Ceze, has defended his remarks, saying that Reuters reported that he never meant to insult the French flag and that they were misunderstood.
His attorney declared that they will challenge the ruling in an appeal of the expulsion process.
Parts of the expulsion order were made public by the French media, according to Reuters. It charged Mahjoubi of advocating a "literal, backward, intolerant, and violent conception of Islam."

The ruling said that this ideology may foster actions that go against the ideals of the Republic, such as prejudice against women, identity retreat, hostilities with the Jewish community, and support for the radicalization of jihadists.
The Muslim preacher was put on a thursday night aircraft to Tunis, according to Reuters, which cited radio station france Info.

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