Isha Ambani reveals her beauty routine !!


Isha Ambani talked about her beauty routine andsaid it disappoints many people

Recently, Isha Ambani revealed her beauty routine in an interview. Let us tell you.

Isha Ambani is one of the most beautiful businesswomen in India. She never misses a chance to win millions of hearts with her outfits and flawless glowing skin. Isha, the only daughter of mukesh ambani and Nita Ambani, is often spotted by photographers in stunning looks. people have always wondered what her beauty routine is and now we finally have the answer.

Isha Ambani reveals her beauty routine

In a conversation with 'Vogue India', Isha Ambani said that people often ask her about her beauty routine, but she does not have any routine. She said that thisoften disappoints people, but she cannot stop herself. In the words of Isha, "The secret of my beauty is that I do not have any beauty routine or routine, which disappoints many people. I do not do anything for my skin."

Isha Ambani talks about her 'curly' hair

Hairstyle and makeup can completely change a person's look and we can see this in Isha's case. Isha's hairstyle for her 'Vogue' cover look was something we have never seen anyone in. Hairstylist Yianni Tsapatori had curled Isha's hair and slicked it upwards, giving her a voluminous look.

Talking about her hair, Esha said, "Most people are used to seeing me with sleek, blow-dried hair, but my natural texture is quite thick and slightly curly. On a normal day, if you catch me without styling, this is how my hair looks. I am used to seeing myself this way. However, I have not always embraced it."

Isha said that India's hot and cold climate causes this frizz and she never liked her frizzy hair growing up. She shared a personal anecdote when she was made to feel self-conscious about her hair, but now she understands that we never celebrated curly hair when we should. 

Esha further added, "I think a big reason for this is growing up in India where it's hot and cold. Oily hair just becomes frizzy and unruly. I don't think we have celebrated curls, volume, and frizzy hair. It has never been considered pretty. I mean you always had to oil your hair and keep it combed so that it doesn't look unruly.The waymy hair was done for the shoot reminded me of my school days. We were always taught to oil our hair and keep it combed so that it doesn't look unruly. I think we all just need to be comfortable with ourselves." 

Isha Ambani talks about making her insta profile public 

 In the interview, Isha was asked if she is also fond of social media and spends hours scrolling her instagram feed. To this, she said that if she has a committed day, she scrolls instagram in her room without any noise and lots of sunlight. Let us tell you that Isha Ambani is married to famous businessman Anand Piramal. Apart from this, she is a loving mother of twins.

Esha was further asked if she would make her instagram public soon. To this Eshasaid that she is an introvert and believes in protecting her personal life.She added that she doesn't think anyone would be interested in seeing what she does in a day.In her words, "I am an introvert and protect my personal life. I don't think posting about what I eat or who I meet throughout the day would be interesting for anyone."

Isha Ambani becomes Garden Princess for the cover page of Vogue

Isha Ambani looked exactly like herself on the cover page of 'Vogue'.She wore a custom golden Dior gown for the latest edition of the magazine. The dress had a shiny silhouette with patterns all over and fringe details on the hemline. She completed her look with ash-tone gloves from the collection of C'est Jeanne. The highlight of the look was the floral embellishments on the dress.

Art director Aishwarya Shri and stylist Law Roach placed pink and red roses on Isha's gloves and she posed with them so that her entire stomach looked decorated with flowers. To enhance her look, Isha held a bouquet of many types of flowers, which enhanced her look manifold.

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