Story of a boy turned into a girl Model!

Sindujaa D N

When the father came to know about the truth, he went into shock, when he reached the village after the gender change, there was a line of people watching.

I am a model, actor and brand ambassador of the Miss Transqueen india beauty pageant. I was born in the body of a boy, but as time went by, I started feeling different from others. My soul is that of a girl and my body was that of a boy somewhere. Had to data-face a lot of difficulties regarding this.

The age must have been 14-15 years old, was sitting with mother one day. Told mother that: Mama! I want to tell you something. I am not happy with this body. 

 Mother said- son! It is very nice to talk, but when you will go to complete this thing, then you will have to struggle and no one will support you in this. Maybe even your own people will leave your side. 

This word of the mother was somewhere in my heart. 

Somewhere I used to go with the parents, then they were made fun of in front of me, in childhood, no one even talks about the gender of the child. Slowly growing up, then my behavior was like that of girls. As I grew older people started making fun of me. I couldn't understand why people were making fun of me. 

People in the village took me as a joke. Children used to say that you were born a boy without any meaning, you are a girl, you should get up and sit with girls. I realized for the first time at the age of 12 that I am a girl. When I used to go somewhere with my parents, then my parents were made fun of in front of me. My parents have to data-face a lot of embarrassment.

In the beginning, the father did not support, I belong with the family of journalists, but it was difficult how to convey my words to the people! Mother has always been supportive in my life, but father was not very supportive in those days. She came to mumbai at the age of 18 because of her father. 

I could not even complete my B.Com studies, because at that time my father did not like me much because of my femininity. My sitting, walking, eating and drinking were like all girls, whereas Papa did not like these things at all. Papa said that you will stay here, then you will get worse. It is better that you go to mumbai to your aunt.

Parents could not understand for 18 years, aunt understood in 18 hours, at the age of 18, aunt came to Mumbai. Here begins my journey of a real trans woman. What my parents could not understand for 18 years, my aunt understood in 18 hours what things I was going through. My aunt took me to the NGO and the doctor. We had counseling. 

The doctor told aunt about me that it is in the wrong body. If she is allowed to live her life as a woman, then her life will become much easier. In today's date, science has increased so much that we can do things right. Started taking hormone therapy on the advice of the doctor. This started changing and I slowly started becoming a girl. Today it has been at least 10 to 12 years since I became a girl.

When father came out of the doctor's room, there were tears of remorse in his eyes. I was the eldest child in the house. Dad had thought that in the coming time, I would become the clan of that house (at that time I was a boy, then he thought that I would), but when Papa came to know that my thinking was something else, then he got a big shock and shock. 

Papa was not happy with that thing. But it is said that god sent something in writing. I came to mumbai with my father. Papa's doctor consulted. My mom and dad had counseling. When Papa came out of the doctor's room after one and a half hours, there were tears of remorse in his eyes. Papa hugged himself and said that whether you are a boy, whether you are a girl, you are my child. 

We will not let this child of ours be away from life. For me it was a big deal. Even today I think of that moment, then tears come to my eyes, Because I know how painful it is to be away from my parents. At the same time, the happiest thing for me was that my father accepted me.

Tough times are when you fight with your own identity

The hardest times are when you fight with your own identity in life. Trying to identify yourself with yourself, that is the biggest battle. Knowing myself by myself means that I am confused about what I am? I am neither a boy nor a girl. 

My body is something else and my soul is something else, this is the toughest fight. If you win at that time, then you are called the biggest player and king in life.

Your child is a part of your body, do not commit the crime of leaving it,

I would like to say this to everyone that god has given everyone a life. We are no one to judge anyone. We should live with love and share love. In the end, I would like to tell all those parents that these are your own children, you have created them.

If you leave him, then you are the biggest culprit, because your child did not ask your permission whether I was born or not. You have created them, then you have every right that wherever that child is going in life, then support him and not throw him out of the house.

Today, I am living my life in the best way, I was offered my first job as a model from India's leading magazine in 2016. After that slowly started moving forward, then got the lead role of Trans Woman Mona in Savdhaan India. Moving forward, there came a time where I came to know about the Miss Transqueen india beauty pageant in 2017. 

This is India's only trans women beauty pageant, which was done for the first time. Participated in this pageant, then became the top-5 participant. These people made the brand ambassador of Miss Transqueen, which I have been branding for the last four years. Our life has been full of struggle. I am transgender, so when I came to the community, then I came to know that there is a lot of lack of education here .

I came home after the transformation, then people started coming to see me like a new bride. When my transformation happened, I went home for the first time. At that time many people were coming to see me. The way the new bride comes to the village, I used to laugh at that time. I wondered what time it was like. There was a time, when I lived, people did not come to see me. 

Today came as a girl, then people came to see me. That thing was a little strange to me, but it was true. I was glad that at least people realized that yes, I do exist. I am. You can't ignore me.

I have done a biopic film which is on sex racket I have done a biopic film which is on Custom Officer Anson Thomas. A film has been made on the sex rackets that take place in the red light area. The name of this film is Please To Protect and its director is suresh Jade. It will be released on OTT platform very soon. I will be the first trans woman in india to do an item number in the film.

If someone can live a life wisely, then I will think of getting married, right now there is no thought in my mind about marriage. My full focus is on my career. Will love me or become my partner, he will be a wise man. If he can live his life sensibly, then I can think of marrying him.

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