Pride! Hindi is finally included in UN languages!!

Sindujaa D N

The resolution of multilingualism brought by india in the United Nations General assembly (UNGA) has been passed. In which hindi language is mentioned for the first time in the United Nations (UN). Apart from this urdu and bengali are also included. Keep in mind this is not an official language status.

At present, six languages have received the status of official languages in the United Nations General Assembly. Including english, French, Arabic Chinese, Russian and Spanish languages. Apart from this, english and French are included in the working languages of the United Nations Secretariat, but now hindi has also been included in it. After which now information can also be collected in hindi on the UN website. Let us tell you that under the resolution 13 (1) of the UN proposed in 1946, it has been said that the purpose of the UN cannot be achieved unless the people of the world are aware of it. These languages have been included to fulfill this purpose. 

At the same time, TS Tirumurti, India's Ambassador to the United Nations, said that for the first time this year, hindi language is mentioned in the resolution, along with urdu and bengali for the first time. We welcome it." Significantly, india has been making efforts for many years to include hindi language in the United Nations. Now india has got a big success. The respect that the hindi language is getting at the international level is a moment of pride. 

The stature of hindi is increasing continuously. Let us inform that according to the 22nd edition of the World language Database, Ethnologue, there are 6 indian languages among the 20 most spoken languages around the world. In which hindi is on the third position. And english is in the first place. Apart from this, it was told in Ethnolog that 615 million people worldwide use hindi language.  

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