Woman slammed for ‘mocking’ Zomato delivery agent's late night tip request

The hard work of delivery partners is sometimes overlooked since we are more concerned with how quickly our food or goods arrive. These people risk the elements and strange hours to guarantee that our appetites are met quickly. An X post involving a zomato delivery agent has gone viral, with the internet condemning the woman for mocking the agent's request.
A social media user named @priiyyyyyy, shared a screenshot of a message from a zomato delivery partner who had delivered her order late at night. The message read, "Pls give tip after delivery," with an added note, "For late night." The user posted this screenshot online with a caption that translated to "it's weird bro," seemingly amused by the request for a tip.

The post rapidly went viral, but the public's response was far from positive. Many people slammed the person for publishing the screenshot without the delivery partner's permission, calling it a disgraceful and malicious behaviour. Some people complained that it was cruel to reveal the delivery person's name, as if their request for a gratuity were a crime. Tipping, especially after hours, is not just a show of appreciation but also an acknowledgment of their extra work. What are your opinions about this?

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