New verification policies implemented on Twitter..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
New verification policies implemented on Twitter..!?
Twitter: twitter has explained how the newly introduced verification system works on Twitter. twitter account verified account has 'unfollowed' everyone including various famous accounts. twitter has suddenly 'unfollowed' on a large scale and has caused a shock. Twitter's drastic changes have caused a stir. twitter verified account follower count is '0'.
Several changes to twitter Verification:
After Elon Musk, the world's richest man, bought a large stake in twitter, he is making many changes in the management and operation of the twitter app. He also announced plans to make changes to Twitter's verification system to detect fake users. It had also recently announced that it would charge USD 8 per month for the Blue Tick system used to verify the authenticity of users. He also informed that the 'official' patch will be given to the authorized accounts of celebrities and the 'parody' patch will be given to fake accounts.
Blue Tick:
According to twitter, users need to pay a monthly subscription to get a verified account on Twitter. A deadline was also set for this. In this case, the blue tick issued to the non-payers will be canceled from the 1st of april and users are urged to become subscribers to get a blue tick for a verified account and continue. Elon Musk is taking various steps to increase the business and profitability of the twitter company. He had already urged employees to cut costs at the twitter office.

Blue Tick Removal for Verified Non-Subscribing Accounts:

Famous American news media New York Times removed the blue tick for non-payment of subscription to twitter account verified account. BlueTick has announced that it will be removed from april 1 if it does not pay to get a verified account on Twitter. Accordingly, it is noteworthy that many American popular news media have had their Blue Tick removed.

Twitter verified:

In 2009, twitter introduced the verified account system. This method was introduced to help identify celebrities, politicians, famous companies, brands, etc. twitter Web is $8 per month, the same as iOS. Or the Android app is priced at USD 11. The service is available for Rs 650 on the web and Rs 900 on mobile devices. Similarly, if these accounts are commercial or for-profit, Golden Tick may pay certain fees. Gray code is given to government organizations.
Details of Colors:
Blue Tick:
While Blue Tick is given to twitter verified accounts, there are two, Legacy and Verified. Shah Rukh Khan's account on twitter will say 'Subscribed to twitter Blue or is a legacy Verified account'.
Gold tick:
The practice of gold-colored ticks for private companies, gray ticks for government offices, and blue ticks for celebrities or individuals will continue. The prime icon on Pepsi's twitter account is square. With a golden tick. This means that the account is an officially recognized business twitter account on Twitter.
Gray Tick:

The twitter administration said that the 'official' label will only be given to government twitter accounts, commercial organizations, major news media, publishers, and celebrities. For example, the twitter account of the Prime Minister's office of india has a gray tick next to the name 'PMO India'. Along with it, 'India government organization' will be mentioned with the 'Flag' code

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