Fans angry with Dhoni for not visiting Ram Temple..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Fans angry with dhoni for not visiting ram Temple..!?
While CSK captain dhoni has not visited the ram temple yet, his visit to the Deori Maa temple in ranchi has caused criticism among North indian fans. Even at the age of 42, ms dhoni is performing well as the captain of the CSK team. While dhoni will play for CSK for the last time, he started training in the first week of January. dhoni is practicing batting at the cricket ground set up in ranchi on behalf of the jharkhand State cricket Association. Similarly, the players playing in the Ranji Trophy match at the ranchi Stadium are visiting dhoni in person and talking to him. dhoni, who has reverted back to his vintage look, is also seriously focusing on fitness.
 In the meantime, North indian fans were criticizing dhoni for not coming to the opening ceremony of the ram temple despite being given an invitation. While CSK's star player Jadeja went to the opening ceremony of the ram temple, many North indian fans questioned why dhoni did not attend. But as usual, dhoni did not give any reply to anyone.

Although dhoni, who has faith in God, participates in festivals including Vinayagar Chaturthi, he did not participate in the opening ceremony of the ram temple. dhoni went to the famous Deori Maa temple in ranchi yesterday and performed worship. Standing in a queue with devotees, dhoni prayed to God. After that, when he came out of the temple, dhoni was surrounded by many fans. He shook hands with them thanked them and left. With the video trending on social media, some North indian fans are commenting on whether it's okay to just go to the local temple instead of attending the opening ceremony of the ram temple.

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