DRS reviews are not in vain..!? Australia making appeals...!?

Sowmiya Sriram
DRS reviews are not in vain..!? australia making appeals...!?
Australia is very smart to use DRS... Appealing for stump out unnecessarily without catch appeal...Everything is fair in love and war...nothing is wrong to win. australia strongly believes in this principle. Desperate to win, australia is willing to bend the rules if necessary. australia is also making this move in the final match of the ODI world cup 2023 tournament in Ahmedabad. australia won the toss and elected to field. Due to final phobia on slow pitch, indian batsmen are testing the patience of the audience with greasy batting. rohit sharma scored 47 runs with 3 sixes and 4 fours while virat kohli scored 54 runs with 4 fours. KL rahul bowled 106 balls with only one four...
Australia's smart move to use DRS has become a hot topic. If you appeal for a catch and the umpire gives it not out...it's common to want DRS. But if it turns out not out in the tv reply, a review will have to be lost. australia wasted a review by taking DRS for ravindra Jadeja's catch in Hazlewood bowling. But Jaddu got out on the very next ball. But before this, even after this, australia wanted a review by hitting the stumps without appealing as soon as they caught out was suspected.
In case of an appeal for stumpout, the field umpire will automatically refer to the third umpire. With this, the third umpire will have to check all caught outs and lbws before stumping. With this, there is no risk of losing the DRS review. australia has used DRS wisely once or twice. This is not breaking the rules but it is against the spirit of cricket..

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