Empty stadium due to Virat Kohli..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Empty stadium due to Virat Kohli..!?
India is the only team with the most cricket fans in the world. No matter which country india goes to play cricket, there are at least half of the stadium full of fans. We have seen this many times in countries like England, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, and South Africa. However, the situation is the opposite in the Asia Cup cricket series held in Sri Lanka. The 2023 Asia Cup series was held in sri lanka and Pakistan. Most of the matches were held in Sri Lanka. In the beginning, some fans came to the match between india and Pakistan. However, the arena was not full. Apart from the Sri Lankan matches, the number of fans was less for the other matches.
India-Bangladesh match: Also, will 100, 200 fans have come for the last Super 4 match between india and Bangladesh? The doubt arose. The stadium was so empty. The number of employees was more than the number of fans.
Virat kohli is the reason? : Some indian fans, virat kohli did not play in the match against Bangladesh. That is why the fans are saying that they did not come. But, there is no possibility of truth in that. The reason is that captain rohit sharma said that he rested virat kohli only after the match started. The king came in dancing with water bottles. In this case, the reason why the fans did not come was because the ticket prices were high. Many fans who wanted to watch this series from india were interested in the India-Pakistan match. But, as it is the rainy season in sri lanka, many fans have given up the idea of going to sri lanka to watch the match. So the people of sri lanka should come to see this match. The reason they ignore it completely is because of the high ticket price.
High price: Tickets for matches played by the Sri Lankan team are usually sold for 100, or 200 rupees in Sri Lankan currency. However, this time, the pakistan cricket Board, which has taken the responsibility of hosting the series, decided the price of the ticket from 2000 to 10,000 rupees. But Sri Lankan fans ignored it. Even if the price is reduced, it will not come: Subsequently, sri lanka cricket intervened and reduced the ticket price by 90 percent. Because of that, the stadium was filled with local fans only for the Sri Lanka-Pakistan match. But, no one came to the India-Bangladesh match. Fans are completely ignoring this match as it is an insignificant match. Finals Status: The only consolation is that half of the tickets for the finals are sold out. Many indian fans have bought tickets for the final, thinking that India-Pakistan will meet in the final. But, now sri lanka - india are facing each other in the final match. Is the stadium full of that match? Let's see.

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