SHOCKING..! Dhoni cannot play in the final..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
SHOCKING..! dhoni cannot play in the final..!?
Chennai Super Kings dhoni has been in trouble for the final after bowling late in the play-off against gujarat Titans. chennai Super Kings led by ms dhoni defeated gujarat Titans in one of the qualifiers and advanced to the finals. In that match, the play was deliberately stopped for a few minutes for Pathirana to bowl. This has now become a controversy. Questions have also been raised as to why the umpires on the field did not condemn this. In this case, the match was stopped, right? What does the IPL rule say? Can we see Dhoni's brilliance? Questions have arisen. In the Qualifier-1 match against the gujarat team, Mathisha left the field after more than 8 minutes due to injury. When he returned to the field after a brief rest, dhoni immediately handed him the second over. That's it, this is where the controversy started. During this, there was a small argument between dhoni and that umpire for a few minutes and that the match was stopped. In the end, Pathirana bowled the 16th over. Although Dhoni's plan to bowl Pathrana's over was successful, many former players have been critical of dhoni and the on-field umpires of the match.
What does the IPL match rule say?

According to the IPL rules, a player who leaves the field for treatment of an internal injury - or any other reason - is allowed to return only if a certain number of minutes have been played before being allowed to bowl. After bowling the 12th over of the gujarat innings, Pathrana went off the field for treatment. When he came back, dhoni asked him to bowl the 16th over. At that time, while gujarat had scored 102 runs for the loss of 6 wickets, gujarat needed 71 runs.
Did dhoni deliberately waste time?
Dhoni was then told by the match officials and the umpire that Pathirana would have to wait for some time before bowling. However, dhoni argued that he had no choice but to bowl. Because deepak Chahar, ravindra Jadeja, and Mahish Diksha had bowled 4 overs for themselves. Otherwise, 4-5 minutes passed by this argument. After this Pathirana was allowed to bowl. When such disputes arise the umpires may impose a penalty on a particular team under Rule 41.9. According to this rule, the umpire must give the first and final warning to the fielding team. Also, if they feel that they are deliberately wasting time during the over, if they do it again, the fielding team will be penalized by 5 runs. The bowler may also be suspended. However, it is these arbitrators who can decide whether the rule has been violated or not. There is talk that CSK captain dhoni may not even be able to play in the final if action is taken.

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