Do Saudi mosques right or wrong to forbid Iftar?

S Venkateshwari
Do Saudi mosques right or wrong to forbid Iftar?


Mecca and Medina are the two holy sites for Muslims in Saudi Arabia. Iftar is no longer permitted inside Saudi Arabia's royal government or on the grounds of any mosque in the nation. The spread of filth in mosques was cited as the justification for the ban. Nonetheless, the Saudi government has publicized its decision in a very astute manner, omitting any reference of the restriction. The Saudi government's royal decree was issued at the same time as a novel initiative was launched in a mosque around 3,000 kilometers distant from saudi arabia, in the Turkish city of Istanbul. people are now attending to their physical health after Namaz. The believers are led in a special exercise session following the evening prayers.

Turkey and saudi arabia are two distinct Islamic nations. For five centuries, turkey has been the epicenter of Islamic dominance. The decisions made in the mosques of both nations are being interpreted in different ways. It would not be incorrect to argue that whereas people in saudi arabia are not allowed to spend extended periods of time in mosques, those in turkey are encouraged to do so even after the prayers. 

After all, in such a circumstance, we attempt to comprehend the significance of the mosque in islam from a religious, social, cultural, and political standpoint as well as the rationale behind forbidding iftar in the mosque.

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