Why King Dasaradhan left his daughter at stake ?

Most of us would have watched Ramayanam through TV series and movies. But still each time we find some new element of surprise which keeps us hooked. One of the truth which was revealed in recent times is the existence of Shanta- Lord Rama’s elder sister and King Dhashrath and Queen Kausalya’s first born. 

In epic mythologies most of the characters were not given enough spot light. Similarly King Dasarathan's first born and her abandonment was also not revealed much. There is a reason why Rama nor the other kids were told about the elder sister Shanta. King Dasaratha was a wise ruler of Southern Kosala. 

The king of North Kosala had a pretty daughter Kausalya and Dasaratha married her in return for her land. The couple was blessed with a girl baby. But still Dasarathan was looking for a prince. So he married Sumitra and Kaikeyi with an intention to bear a son. In order to get answers he visited Sage Vashishta and he ordered Urvashi to intervene his yogic activity. 

And as a result Urvasi got a son Sage Rishyasringa. Dasaratha was informed he can bring Rishyasringa into family if he can abandon his daughter Shanta. Out of desperation and helplessness he abandoned his daughter.

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