'Target Killing' of Indian youth in Canada

'Target Killing' of indian youth in Canada

'Target Killing' of indian youth in canada, shot while talking to his mother on the phone, four arrested

Indian Killed in Canada: In the city of Surrey, canada, four people fired bullets on a 28-year-old indian youth when he was getting out of his car talking on the phone after coming from the gym.

'Target Killing' of indian youth in canada, shot while talking to his mother on the phone, four arrested

Yuvraj Goel has been shot dead in public in Canada

Indian Killed in Canada: A 28-year-old Indian-origin youth has been shot dead in Canada. According to the Canadian police, the youth was shot while getting out of the car in the city of Surrey in the province of british Columbia. At first glance, it seems to be a case of 'target killing', which is being investigated. Four people have been arrested in this case, out of which three are Sikhs of indian origin and one is a Canadian youth. Serious charges of murder have been leveled against all four. The police have not yet found out the reason behind the murder. The youth has been identified as Yuvraj Goyal, who is a resident of ludhiana in punjab and he had recently got Canadian citizenship.

The deceased has no criminal record

The unit investigating murder cases of the Royal Canadian Mounted police said that the police received information about firing in an area of Surrey on friday (7 June) morning. After the information, when the police reached the 900th block of 164 Street, the body of a young man was found there, who was shot several times. The youth has been identified as Yuvraj Goyal. At first it was considered a gang war, but later no criminal record of Yuvraj was found. Due to this, the reason for the murder is being investigated.

Murdered while talking to mother on phone

Yuvraj's father Rajesh Goyal is a firewood businessman, while his mother Shakun Goyal is a housewife. Quoting Yuvraj's sister Charu Singhla, 'Global News' said that her brother worked as a sales executive in a car selling showroom in Surrey. We do not know the reason for his murder. Charu's husband and Yuvraj's brother-in-law Bawandeep said that Yuvraj was returning from the gym when he was shot. He was talking to his mother on the phone while getting out of the car. During this time the miscreants came and fired bullets at him and went back.

Police have arrested four people

Police told CBC news that four suspects have been arrested for carrying out this incident. Among them, Manveer Basra (23), Sahib Basra (20) and Harkirat Jhutti (23) are residents of Surrey, while another Kelon Francois (20) is a resident of Ontario. All four have been arrested and have been charged with serious charges of murder.

Came to study, then acquired citizenship

Yuvraj Goyal came to canada from ludhiana in 2019 on a student visa. Recently he got Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) status. According to the police, no criminal record of his has been found so far. Due to this, an investigation has been started to find out why the murder was committed. In the preliminary investigation, it seems to be a case of target killing.

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