What did Mani Shankar Aiyar say on the 1962 China attack

What did mani shankar Aiyar say on the 1962 china attack

 which increased the trouble of congress in the midst of elections

Mani shankar Aiyer has caused controversy by calling the 1962 china attack on india 'alleged' during the release of a book. Although he later apologized, but bjp has surrounded the congress for this.

What did mani shankar Aiyar say on the 1962 china attack, which increased the trouble of congress in the midst of elections

Mani shankar Aiyer has once again increased the trouble of congress in the midst of lok sabha elections (Lok Sabha elections 2024). Senior congress leader Aiyer, who has put the party on the backfoot many times before with his statements, called the 1962 china attack on india 'alleged'. Although he later apologized for his statement and the congress (Indian National Congress) also tried to end the controversy by calling it his personal statement, but in the midst of the campaign for the last phase of the elections, the bjp has left no stone unturned to corner the opposition party over this. The bjp has called it an example of Congress's 'love for China'.

Slip of tongue during the release of the book

A video of mani shankar Aiyar has surdata-faced, in which Aiyar, while narrating an anecdote, said, 'In october 1962, the Chinese allegedly attacked India.' This video is of a press conference held on tuesday on the occasion of the release of a book 'Nehru's First Recruits'. Aiyar was narrating an anecdote related to his indian Foreign services exam at that time. During this, he used the word 'alleged' for the Chinese attack. Let us tell you that the India-China war took place in october and november 1962. The Chinese army had captured the Aksai Chin region after infiltrating into indian territory by crossing the 'McMahon Line', which marks the data-border between india and China. Since then, china has been staking its claim on Arunachal Pradesh as well.

After the controversy started over calling China's attack alleged, mani shankar Aiyar backtracked from his statement. He apologized for this statement. He issued a statement saying, 'I apologize for mistakenly using the word alleged before the Chinese attack this evening.

The bjp has surrounded the congress over Aiyar's statement. BJP's ID head amit Malviya said, 'During the book launch, mani shankar Aiyar called the 1962 Chinese invasion 'alleged'. This is a shameless attempt at 'revisionism'. What does Congress' love for the Chinese show?' Malviya said, 'Nehru gave up his permanent seat in the UN Security Council for China. rahul gandhi signed a secret MoU with China. rajiv gandhi Foundation took money from the Chinese embassy and published a report recommending market access for Chinese companies. On this basis, sonia gandhi got the congress government to open the indian market for Chinese goods. This caused damage to indian MSME. Now congress leader Aiyar wants to whitewash the Chinese invasion in which china illegally occupied 38,000 km of indian territory.'

Congress instead targeted PM Modi

Congress has distanced itself from mani shankar Aiyar's statement citing his age. Also, it has targeted prime minister Narendra Modi on the pretext of Chinese infiltration. congress General Secretary jairam ramesh said, Iyer had mistakenly used the word alleged attack, for which he has clearly apologized. However, Iyer's age should also be kept in mind. Still, the party dissociates itself from his original statement.' After this, jairam ramesh also accused PM Modi of giving a 'clean chit' to china despite its intrusion in May 2020.

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