New wave of Covid in Singapore.. 25,000 people infected with corona virus in one week..

New wave of Covid in Singapore.. 25,000 people infected with corona virus in one week..

More than 25,900 cases of corona have been reported in singapore from May 5 to 11.

Corona virus is increasing again all over the world. corona virus is increasing in many countries including USA and UK. In that way, the spread of corona has also increased in Singapore. More than 25,900 infections have been reported from May 5 to 11.Health minister Ong Ye Kung urged the public to wear data-face masks and take precautionary measures. The new variant of Corona is called Flirt,

Variants KP.1 and KP.2 have been reported to be more than twice as affected. The World health Organization (WHO) has classified the KP2 variant as a variant under surveillance, but Singapore's Ministry of health (MOH) said there is no evidence that this type of coronavirus spreads more rapidly or causes more severe disease than other variants.

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And "We are at the beginning of the corona wave and it is rising steadily. The cases will peak in the next two to four weeks. That is till the end of June." He said that

He went on to say, “If the number of Covid cases doubles, singapore could have 500 patients in the health system, a manageable number. However, if cases double for a second time and reach 1,000 patients, it will put a significant burden on the hospital system. 1000 beds is equivalent to a regional hospital. "Although no social restrictions are currently planned, the health system should be prepared for a possible increase in cases," he said.

"So, we have to get used to living with the Covid infection. Every year, we have to expect one or two waves," he said. The main Covid-19 types worldwide are Jn.1 and its subtypes including KP.1 and KP.2, which account for two-thirds of cases in Singapore.

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