AP: People Don't care about YCP and TDP mind games?

All of andhra pradesh is eagerly waiting for the election results on 4th June. Yes, one calculation before, one calculation now. The tdp leaders are asserting that if the ycp party asserts that the count is correct, then the count will be reversed this time. If you cut any more, thanks to social media, new figures are being heard every day. However, the average voter is not what it used to be. It is no exaggeration to say that there is some clarity. It can be said that the reason is social media.
Because here, before the so-called political leaders talk about themselves, the voter is looking at ten or fourteen surveys. Yes, no one can believe a word of a political party anymore. Times are changing. In fact, despite chief minister YS jagan making a huge statement that this time he is going to win more than 151 MLAs and more than 22 mp seats, it is undeniable that the party leaders are not showing that level of enthusiasm. The average voter clearly notices that the leaders who once spoke like tigers are now down to earth. After all, even key leaders branded as firebrands are keeping silent, and the discussion is also going on in social media that what the chief minister said is a mind game.
On the other hand, it is no exaggeration that the situation of tdp is the same. It is known that the leader of that party Chandrababu expressed confidence that we are winning on the day of polling. It is not the tdp camp, it seems that even the common voter is not in a position to believe it. If they are giving such statements in competition with each other, is the ground reality like that? That's the doubt coming to the average voter! On the other hand, the Jana Sena continues to exist. It says that they will definitely win double digit this time. Same doubt here. Although the Jana Sena party is expressing confidence, it remains to be seen how far the conditions have cooperated at the field level. After all, such a mind game was used as an excellent weapon in the past to debilitate opponents. But analysts say that the time for such experiments has passed due to the virtue of social media.

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